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US$ 650
9 Days
Annapurna Family Hike (Family friendly Holiday in Nepal)

Annapurna Family Hike

Annapurna Family Hike is all about creating some memories with your family. It’s an opportunity to come together and spend some quality

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Sikkim and Darjeeling Tour

Sikkim and Darjeeling Tour

Sikkim and Darjeeling Tour via Nepal is a travel adventure full of surprises. The verdant landscape, spectacular Himalayan scenery, hills, plains, rich

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Last Minute
US$ 160
1 Day
amazing scenes captured from Chandragiri hill during Chandragiri hill short hiking

Chandragiri Hill Short Hiking

Chandragiri Hill Short Hiking is a new sensation when it comes to hiking around some astonishing viewpoints around the Kathmandu valley. Chandragiri

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Nagarkot Hiking Tour

Nagarkot Hiking Tour is a short hike to Nagarkot hill, the closest popular hill station to Kathmandu City. It lies around 30

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US$ 350
3 Days
chisapani nagarkot hiking

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking offers one of the best experiences of natural beauty and adventure within a very short trekking route. Nature walks

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US$ 1430
8 Days
Short Annapurna trek, Best Time to trek in Nepal

Short Annapurna Luxury Trek

Once in Nepal, you can always go for short trekking activities to keep your system active. Short Annapurna Luxury Trek is one

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