6 Hiking packages found

Durations:9 Days

Annapurna Family Hike

Annapurna Family Hike is all about creating some memories with your family. It’s an opportunity to come together and spend some quality

Durations:9 Days

Sikkim and Darjeeling Tour

Sikkim and Darjeeling Tour via Nepal is a travel adventure full of surprises. The verdant landscape, spectacular Himalayan scenery, hills, plains, rich

Durations:1 Days

Chandragiri Hill Short Hiking

Chandragiri Hill Short Hiking is a new sensation when it comes to hiking around some astonishing viewpoints around the Kathmandu valley. Chandragiri

Durations:0 Days

Nagarkot Hiking Tour

Nagarkot Hiking Tour is a short hike to Nagarkot hill, the closest popular hill station to Kathmandu City. It lies around 30

Durations:3 Days

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking

Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking offers one of the best experiences of natural beauty and adventure within a very short trekking route. Nature walks

Durations:8 Days

Short Annapurna Luxury Trek

Once in Nepal, you can always go for short trekking activities to keep your system active. Short Annapurna Luxury Trek is one