Essential Travel Preparation

Being prepared is the key to a safe, enjoyable trip. Here are our tips on the essential travel preparation for your reference.

Choose Your Trip

To choose your trek or climb, consider several issues such as-

  • When to go? (see our guide on Best Time to Trek in Nepal)
  • Which trek/climb is suitable for your level of fitness, experience, travel dates/duration, and budget?
  • Where to trek/climb? Which is the region/route that is most fascinating to you? Book Your Trip

Once you have decided, you can book your trip with us online (see How to Book a Trip with us). If you are still feeling unsure, write to us for any clarification.

Get Insured

Like any adventure activity, peak climbing or Himalaya treks do come with a certain risk, especially at higher altitudes. Besides, domestic flights may sometimes be delayed, disrupted, or even canceled because of adverse weather. Travel insurance is essential.

Also, please be informed that for any trekking and climbing trip, which involves an altitude higher than 2,500 meters, it is compulsory to get travel insurance and the coverage should include medical and emergency evacuation with a worth of a minimum of USD 100,000. We will require a copy of your travel insurance upon your arrival in Kathmandu before setting out for the trek/climb adventure.

Get Vaccinated

Nepal does not officially require any immunizations for entry into the country, however, it is always good to take precautions. We recommend you seek medical advice on the vaccinations required and schedule your vaccinations before the departure date.

Pack Your Bags and Equipment

Packing your bags and trekking/climbing equipment is not such a daunting task. While we encourage you to travel light, you need to make sure you bring enough clothing for all seasons, especially warm clothing for frosty nights in the mountains. Click here for our Recommended Nepal Packing List.

If you cannot get some listed items in our recommendation or have forgotten to pack them in your bag, don’t fret as there are plenty of shops in Kathmandu where these items can be easily purchased. Besides, we can provide you with a duffel bag, sleeping bag, and down jacket (to be returned upon completion of the trek) should you require.

Get Visa

Travelers can easily get Nepal tourist visas either online or on arrival at different airports. You may apply for a visa from the Nepal Embassy or Diplomatic Mission in your country before departure, apply for a visa online with the Nepal Immigration Department or get a visa on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport or customs offices. For more information, please refer to our guide on Nepal Tourist Visa.

Get Ready for the Adventure

With the preparation all done, you are now ready for the adventure holiday. Stay healthy, get fit and Heaven Himalaya look forward to welcoming you soon!