29th August 2021

Kajin Sara Lake

Kajin Sara Lake: Newly Discovered Highest Altitude Lake in The World

As the popularity of trekking in Nepal increased, tourists began searching for new trek routes in Nepal. As a result, in 2019, a group of mountaineers discovered the mysterious lake Kajin Sara in the Manang district of Nepal. When the height of the newly discovered lake was identified, local officials recorded it as the highest altitude lake in the world ahead of Tilicho Lake. 

High altitude lakes are remote. These alpine lakes begin from around 10,000 feet elevation above sea level. The mesmerizing specialty of them lies in being pristine, clear, and cold. Being influenced less by human activities, mountain lakes keep themselves in their beautiful natural condition. One such example is Kajin Sara lake. It is the glacial lake near Lamjung mountain base camp in Manang. The lake is now considered as the new highest altitude lake in the world at an elevation of 5002 meters. It is 83 meters higher than the previous highest lake, Tilicho.

Locally, Kajin Sara is also called “Singar lake” i.e. “Singar Taal” in Nepali. “Singar” means grazing of Yak and sheep in the local language. This lake, in the Singar Kharka area, lies in the Chame rural municipality in Manang District of Nepal. 

Details of Tilicho Lake:

Altitude: 4919 m 

Length: 4 km long  

Breadth: 1.2 km wide

Depth: 200 m. 

Details of lately Identified Lake:

Distance from Chame: 24km (2days)

Altitude: 5002 meters

Length: 1.5 km

Breadth: 600 m

Depth: Unknown

The ideal time to visit the Kajin Sara lake is from July to November.


East of the lake: Mt Manaslu 

West of the lake: Mt Damodar 

South of the lake: Mt Lamjung and Mt Annapurna

North of the lake: Mt Peri in Tibet.

Manang is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated destinations in Nepal for natural diversity admirers. One such pride is Tilicho lake (4919m), which was known as the highest altitude lake in the world before people recognized Kajin Sara. Many people trek to Tilicho in a year. Now, as the news circulated, locals also expect the newly discovered lake to boost tourist arrivals in the district. Thus helping them generate more revenue. For the time being, trekking and hiking have already started. Besides, it is also a popular destination on the route of the Annapurna Circuit trek


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