Our Team

Nimesh Shrestha- Heaven Himalaya

Nimesh Shrestha

With an effervescent personality, Nimesh is another great asset of Heaven Himalaya. From his humble beginning as a porter, he has slowly worked his way to be a trekking guide.

Ramesh Adhikari- Heaven Himalaya

Ramesh Adhikari

Grew up in the mountainous area of Dhading, Ramesh is a mountain boy who loves to be surrounded by nature. He is young, energetic and full of enthusiasm in his work. He enjoys meeting and exchanging views with people of different background and cultures.

bishal timalsina

Bishal Timalsina

Driven by his love for the mountains and passion for travelling, Bishal began his career as a trekking guide since 6 years ago. His exemplary diligence, commitment and pro-active communication have gained him the trust of all his customers.

sanjib adhikari

Sanjib Adhikari

Young, ambitious and energetic, Sanjib is a key partner of Heaven Himalaya.  Inspired by Ram, Sanjib is passionate about travelling and sharing of Nepal’s beauty to the world.

ramhari adhikari

Ramhari Adhikari

Ramhari, or Ram, as he is more commonly called, is an experienced trekking leader and travel planner based in Kathmandu. Before establishing his own company, Ram has been working as a senior guide in one of the top trekking agencies in Nepal since 2008.