Responsible Tourism

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Statement :

Embrace sustainable and responsible tourism for the long-term benefit of local people and the environment is one of our company’s missions.

We are committed to fulfilling our role in promoting and continuously carrying out sustainable and responsible tourism in all aspects of our business to bring about a positive impact on the environment and communities.

Our long-term commitments to the various stakeholders include:-


To Our Customers

  • We will always place our customers’ safety as our priority; we will not compromise safety for profit.
  • We will strive to provide our customers with meaningful and deep cultural interactions with local people so they can have a greater understanding of the local cultural, social, and environmental issues.

To Our Staff

  • We will employ mostly local people and will invest in training and empowering them.
  • We will ensure the safety and health of all our trekking guides and porters by equipping them with adequate clothing, providing decent wages, preventing overload, and insuring them with work / medical insurance.

To Our Business Partners

  • We will practice fair dealings with all our business partners including but not limited to hotel operators, teahouse lodges, foreign counterparts in India, Bhutan, and Tibet, etc.

To Local People

  • We will do our part to ensure our customers always respect the cultural norms of local people.
  • We will encourage using mostly local resources and purchasing goods from local people to support the local economy.

To Environment

  • We will encourage our customers to reduce carbon footprints such as recommend them to use overland transportations, use energy-efficient equipment whenever possible.
  • We will strongly encourage our customers to bring their own reusable water bottles, toothbrushes, straws, and other reusable personal items to lessen trash impact to the local communities and to reduce the use of plastics.
  • We will always be mindful when we trek, such as staying on the dedicated trekking paths and avoiding disturbances to wildlife animals to protect the environment, flora, and fauna.

Together, we all can make the world a better place for our future generations!

Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any suggestions for improvement. You may contact us here.

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