25th December 2020

The Impossible Winter Climb of K2

K2 is the only mountain over 8000 M’s in height, which is still unclimbed during winter. The mountaineering community still considers the worst history of 11 deaths while attempting the winter climb of K2 in 2008. During winter in K2, the temperature over there reaches up to minus 65 degrees with the high wind pressure and cyclones. K2 is very challenging and harsh. Besides, avalanches can occur anytime increasing the risk of the climb of the savage mountain in winter.

But now, over 70 climbers are going to climb K2 during winter. The climbers from Nepal, the US, Iceland, Spain have already reached Pakistan intending to conquer K2 during winter of which not any human has done before. The aspirant climbers are grouped into four groups. The team comprises 27 climbers from Nepal, 23 from the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Spain, Canada, Finland, the United States, Chile, Italy, Romania, and Slovenia.

“I really want to make this mountaineering dream come true.,” Sherpa, 38, who is leading a team of climbers from over 15 countries to K2’s summit.

“This is a dangerous mountain, and it’s perilous, there is danger climbing it in winter. Sometimes planes also crash, but people don’t stop flying. In mountaineering it is also the same: Some people go missing, some accidents happen but we keep trying.” Another Sherpa who is attempting the winter climb of K2.

Nims dai on winter climb of K2

Nims Dai with his group of porters in Base Camp of K2, Photo Credit: nimsdai, Instagram

While climbers have climbed every other tallest mountain, including Mount Everest throughout every season, K2 (8611M) is the only beast remaining. But now, climbers have gone the extra miles and are challenging K2 during winter.

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Over 300 climbers have already conquered the mountain in summer. Among them, Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli have created a history of being the first climber in 1954. However, this is the first time any climbers are going to attempt the winter climb in large numbers.

Climbing K2 During winter

Seven Summit Team at Jhola (3185m), Credit Seven Summit Treks

Unsurprisingly, the attempt of the winter climb has drawn the attention of the world. Among the climbers attempting the climb, only two of them have attempted the K2 during winter before. The climbers are on the line of creating history, risking their life.

While the climber is risking life challenging the beast, K2 in the mountaineering community we must appreciate their effort. Heaven Himalaya wishes the climbers good luck and looks forward to welcoming them after the ascent.


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