Why Heaven Himalaya?

Why Heaven Himalaya?

We named our company Heaven Himalaya for a simple reason; it’s because we aim to bring you – our valued customer – to heavenly places in the Himalaya. We strive to give our best service to you and endeavor to:-


Help you with your trip planning

Emphasize on your needs and safety as our 1st priority

Amaze you with our excellent customer service and deep knowledge about Nepal

Value-add on your experience and connections to local culture and environment

Enable a marvelous and unforgettable memories of a lifetime

Nourish your mind, body, and soul in your every walk with us


We believe that there are many reasons why we think you should choose our company and below are the Top 10 reasons for your consideration:-


  1. Experience and Skills

Our company is founded and run by a very experienced and professional senior trekking leader, assisted by several key team members who are equally passionate, knowledgeable and have good experience in trekking, travel planning and management. All our guides are well-trained on climbing techniques, first-aid and safety knowledge, local norms and procedures on emergency handling. Trekking and peak climbing are activities associate with some elements of risks; thus, it is imperative to engage a company with deep knowledge and long experience which can ensure your safety and success.


  1. Quality of Service

We have set a high benchmark for ourselves to deliver the best quality of service. This is evidenced by our repeated and loyal customers. Besides, we have constantly received many compliments and positive feedback from our clients on our professionalism, outstanding services and friendliness.


  1. One-Stop Service

We are one-stop service provider.  We can handle all travel-related requests, from travel planning, travel management, airport pick up / drop-off, arrangement for accommodation/camping, hiring of guide/porter, booking of flights/buses / other transportations to booking of adventures such as bungee jump, paragliding, ultra-light flight, etc. As such, we save you the hassle, time and energy from dealing with various parties.


  1. 100% Commitment to Our Customers

We are 100% committed to make our customers happy and satisfied. As mentioned earlier, we set a high benchmark for ourselves and are committed to its achievement. Please be assured that your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns and we will never compromise on these.


  1. Licensed and Regulated

We are a registered company under the laws of Nepal government, licensed by the appropriate ministries and a member with trekking association such as TAAN. This means that we are regulated and all our actions are governed strictly by the laws. Thus, you can be assured that the down payment or advance payment made to us are fully protected.


  1. Extensive Local Networks

Our team is fully localized and hired people from different parts of Nepal. We have extensive business networks all over Nepal to provide you a smooth and cost-effective journey. In addition, our guides and staff are equipped with good knowledge of local culture, history, norms and traditions which will enable you to have meaningful cultural interactions with local people.


  1. Comprehensive Packages and Flexibility in Customization

While we offer comprehensive trekking and peak climbing packages in Nepal, we do offer a wide range of other activities such as day hiking, cultural tours, wildlife safari, jeep tour, whitewater-rafting, etc. Our packages also include avant-garde activities such as mountain biking, photography tour and travels to Tibet, Bhutan and India. All our tours or activities can be customized to suit your individual preference, schedule and budget.


  1. Value for Money

We are proud to say that all our packages are valued for money. Our tour package is reasonably priced while we commit to provide decent wages and adequate insurance for our guides, porters and staff.


  1. 24-hour Service Assistance

We are here to provide 24-hour service assistance for any emergency incidents. For any enquiries or requests via email or phones, we are also committed to responding to you as promptly as we can, within 24 hours.


  1. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

We are committed to carrying out sustainable and responsible tourism in all aspects of our business. We strive to bring about long-term benefits and a positive impact on the local people and the environment. For more information about this, please see our Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Statement.