Company Overview

“The pursuit of my dream was never easy. To earn a living, I started as a freelance porter while studying in high school. Despite being physically demanding, I love trekking with people–perhaps because I am a nature lover and enjoy interacting with people from different parts of the world. Upon realizing that, I changed the course of my life and seriously pursue my career (as a trekking guide) in the tourism industry. Since then, I have guided thousands of clients on various treks around Nepal. Seeing my clients fulfilling their dreams and sharing their joys gives me tremendous satisfaction.

After accumulating over 10 years of experience in the industry, I think I am ready to start my company. And, following my dream, I am here today with Heaven Himalaya–a company that brings people to heavenly destinations around Nepal.”

Ramhari Adhikari, Founder & Managing Director of Heaven Himalaya


Heaven Himalaya Story

Based in Kathmandu, Heaven Himalaya was founded by Mr. Ramhari Adhikari. Before setting up his own company, Mr. Ramhari was working as a senior trekking leader and travel expert in one of the most established trekking agencies in Nepal for over 10 years.

Throughout the years, Mr. Ramhari has guided many trekking groups, including no less than 100 times, to Everest Base Camp. His utmost professionalism, resourcefulness, and good interpersonal skills have earned him a high reputation and respect amongst his clients, his team members, and business partners. Driven by his passion to promote Nepal’s beauty to the world and to encourage people to get closer to nature, Mr. Ramhari set up his own company to provide comprehensive services and unforgettable experiences to all his clients.

Heaven Himalaya is a travel company that specializes in trekking and peak climbing tours in Nepal. It also offers a wide range of other activities such as day hiking, cultural tours, wildlife safari, jeep tour, whitewater rafting, bungee jump, and other avant-garde activities such as mountain biking and photography tours. We can customize all these tours or activities to suit each client’s preference.

In addition, Heaven Himalaya also provides all travel-related services such as travel planning, travel management, airport pickup/drop-off, arrangement for accommodation/camping, hiring of guide/porter, booking of flights/buses / other transportations. Outside of Nepal, Heaven Himalaya provides tour packages to Tibet, Bhutan, and India as well.

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