6th June 2021

Best Hikes in Nepal for Beginners

Hiking is a never-ending passion for life. Either you are an absolute beginner or an experienced hiker, Nepal is the must-go hiking destination across the world. And, if you haven’t stepped into the world of hiking yet, there are many hikes in Nepal for beginners. The mountainous country is a host to many trails from novice level to challenging high altitude treks.

Nepal may not be the richest country in the world in terms of money but for diversity, architecture, literature, music, peace, and hospitality then, the country serves as the best place. Chasing angels or fleeing demons, going to the mountains is heartening. Hence, hiking in Nepal is the biggest adventure we can take in our life.

Short and Easy Hikes in Nepal for Beginners

If you are a beginner trekker and envy, the people traveling as you scroll in social media, then do not worry. Here are some of the newcomer’s easy hiking destinations to make you discern that life is beyond your imagination.

Chisapani hike

One of the easiest, nearest, and 5 to 6-hour uphill route trek journeys would be a Chisapani hike. As soon as you ascend from Shivapuri, National Park through Sundarijal, the hike takes you to Chisapani.

The short hiking trail will give you a powerful insight into the Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve. Also, Chisapani serves the glimpse of the heart-melting white mountain peaks, including Mt. Ganesh Himal, Mt. Langtang, Mt. Gaurishanker, Mt. Annapurna, and the highest peak Mt. Everest itself.

The route gives us a scenic experience of the gorgeous forests, verdant woodlands, and lush chunks of rhododendrons. The exploration of the local villages and lively interaction with the villagers in Mulkharka, Tamang, and Buddhist communities will make our trek more interesting. We also see many ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries along the way.

Chisapani hiking route has no age restriction, ranked easy, and is suitable for all around the year. Therefore, the Chisapani hiking trail can be excellent hiking in Nepal for a beginner who wants to step into the world of high-altitude trekking.

Beginner hike to Nagarkot

Even if you are not an energetic hiker, no problems. Nagarkot hiking tour does not require massive stamina as it is considerable for all ages and physical fitness. If you ask people about Nagarkot, then the first impression that lasts on their mind is that Nagarkot hiking is famous for vintage sunrise and sunset views. In addition, they will remember the panoramic view of the Himalayan range. Likewise, the unique hill on the hilltop provides a scenic experience of the Kathmandu Valley.

This hiking trail offers the most scenic beauty of Mt. Ganesh, Annapurna, Langtang range, Jugal Himal range, Manaslu range, Rolwaling range, Everest range. Further, Strawberry farms, cascading waterfalls, graciously blooming rhododendrons, rainbow trout fish farms, etc. are other major options of this Kathmandu Valley Rim Trek.

Nagarkot has been one of the easiest, safest, best, and single-day hiking places near Kathmandu. Thus, the Nagarkot walk is one of the best hikes for beginners in Nepal.

First-time trekking to Poon hill

One of the most affordable easy treks that give luxurious trekking adventure experiences is the Poon Hill Circuit trek.

When you start your hiking journey from Pokhara, the uninterrupted gigantic Himalayan mountains like Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri bless you with panoramic views. The thriving jungles and glittering rivers embrace the art-crafty local cultures of the Gurung and Magar communities. And, the vantage point of Poon hill gives you the best sunrise and sunset views in the world. You will see the rays of the sun peeking through the majestic mountains to say hello. If you want to spend more days in the mountains, you can also go for a 10-day trek to Ghorepani Poonhill.

The Poon hill trek is relatively easy and provides a satisfying meandering experience of trekking. Henceforth, it is one of the best hikes for beginners in Nepal.

Ghandruk Trek for beginners

Ghandruk is an easy trek from Pokhara. The majestic view of Annapurna, Gangapurna, Hiunchuli, and Machhapuchhre mountain makes the hike even worth it.

This short trail takes you to Ghandruk village, the most developed village in the Kaski district. A Gurung tribal, culturally rich settlement is popular with the anime Gorkha Ex British army village. Along with the natural heritages, you set up to view cultural heritage in the route. You see similar stone-roofed houses. They have unique traditions and ways of living. Most of them follow Buddhism. Further, there is a Gurung museum where they collect unique and ancient things.

This hiking area in Nepal is very suitable for beginners as they ascend just up to 2,010 m above sea level and capitalize tourist lodges. Do not miss this rare insight into mountain life with an embellished cultural lifestyle. It is also a pet-friendly hike. And, if you are trekking with your dog, do remember to train your dog to walk upstairs for some days in your home country prior to your travel date.

Balthali Village hiking 

A trip 40 km east from Kathmandu takes you to a village untouched from modern advancement and westernization, Balthali Village.

The short trek route was designed for the admirers of rich cultural villages. You see ancient monasteries, temples like Indreshwar Mahadev temple, Namobuddha, and Bramhayeni. Likewise, the chirping of birds and the beauty of nature sheltering species adds spice to your short trekking journey. Set yourself to watch the spectacular sunset view from the Himalayan Mountain range along with Manaslu to Mt. Everest.

Further, an international travel magazine, Lonely Planet also enlisted Balthali village to be one of the excellent Low altitude multi-day treks in Nepal.

Because the highest point is Namo Buddha, at 1750 meters and can be done throughout the year, the Balthali Village trek is a superb choice for a beginner trekker.

Kakani trek

With the excellent mountain viewpoints, Kakani is in the northwest of Kathmandu. The route is extremely popular among the youngsters, as it ventures you to rural Nepalese life. You walk uphill through the green paddy fields on the terrace farm. Likewise, the lush rhododendron forest scenic view follows you as you hike uphill. You also get to see strawberry farming by the local farmers using a single irrigation system.

Kakani at the top of the hill serves the best trout fish dishes. Don’t forget to taste the Himalayan trout fish while reaching the hill depot.

Undoubtedly, the Kakani hike is one of the best-hiking destinations near Kathmandu. It is a low-altitude trek because you walk only up to 2,073 m from sea level. Henceforth, prominent for countryside life, the Kakani hike is one of the best hikes for a beginner in Nepal.


Among the domestic and international trekkers, the one acclaimed popular and short trek must be the Champadevi hike. Although it is the third highest hill around Kathmandu valley (2,278 meters), the beginners rejoice among the myriad wonders of the serenity of nature.

Champa-Wati is the actual name for Champadevi. There’s a place for worship on the hilltop.

Awe-inspiring unique rural village trail hosts a prominent shrine for Buddhists and Hindu pilgrims. Similarly, the Himalayans like Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shankar, Ganesh Himal share their majestic glory. So Champadevi is one of the best short hikes in Nepal for beginners.

Beginner trek to Shivapuri

Shivapuri hike is a hotbed for the spiritual endeavor in northern Kathmandu at the height of 2,732 m. It is also the second-highest hill in Kathmandu valley as a paradise for trekkers. As it lies in the Shivapuri National Park, it is noteworthy for cleanliness and an Eco-friendly environment.

Shivapuri is a rewarding experience to explore the green sprawling forest and admirable view of the Himalayan mountains. The bird-eye view of Kathmandu Valley giving place with cultural heritage is also the source of holy Bagmati River.

Thus, Shivapuri is an easy hike and a wonderful hike in Nepal for a beginner.


The Ranikot hike is the emerging hiking route for beginners in Nepal. You reach the village with an hour’s ride from the capital, Kathmandu, on the cycling/Trek route to Panauti Village.

Ranikot was an ancient fort built by King Prithvi Narayan Shah during the medieval period, making Ranikot not just an ordinary hiking route.

Walking through the jungle with the sound of birds chirping, and through the villages gives you an insight into village life. Thus, the short and easy village hike is one of the fantastic hikes in Nepal for beginners.

Kalinchowk Trek

The Kalinchowk trekking route gives you raw views of an ice-capped Himalayan peak including Langtang, Mt. Gaurishankar, and Ganesh Himal. You hike up to Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple at an altitude of 3,842 m through the trail decorated with pristine nature.

If you hike during March-May, you see the Rhododendron forest adding color to the trekking trail. Similarly, trekking during winter allows you to fill your heart with the beauty of snow and gratitude in the snowfall. Irrespective of the seasons, while you reach the top, you receive blessings from Kalinchowk Bhagwati that bask on the top hill of the compact settlement of Kuri. Further, the local Nepalese food like Chhurpi Yak Sukuti, Tongba, etc. is a must-try.

The unspoiled culture and an ecstatic 360 degrees view of mountains from the temple makes it the perfect hiking destination for first-time travelers in Nepal.

Problems Faced & Ways to Tackle by a beginner hiker in Nepal

Problems Faced By a Beginner Hiker in Nepal

Image representation of first-time hiking problems

Fatigue and dehydration

  • Eat big calorie-dense foods.
  • High energy snacks along the way
  • Drinking liters of water while walking

Altitude Sickness

  • Ascend slowly.
  • Acclimatize your body accordingly.
  • Take a pharmaceutical pill.
  • Avoid climbing for 24-48 hours.

Foot Pain

  • Comfortable socks
  • Well-fitting walking shoes
  • Supportive boots

Knee Pain

  • Trekking poles
  • Raise your targets in small amounts.

Keep this in mind while you are hiking in Nepal for the first time

  • Backpack properly
  • Do not begin with a restricted area
  • Make a habit with a short distance.
  • Wear light hiking clothes (preferably stretchable, quick-dry, water-resistant)
  • Get some sunscreen or wear a hat!
  • Avoid hiking alone on unknown trails.
  • Research well about the hiking routes
  • Know the ten essential supplies
  • Check the weather forecast.

These were the easy low altitude short hikes in Nepal for beginners. Apart from the list, there are countless hiking trails in Nepal that are worth a try.

While you hike to these amazing places in Nepal, you meet different people who become chapters of your stories. Sharing different thoughts, values, and ideas while hiking will realize it’s the people and things we explore that make our life beautiful.

The world is enormous. Have a good look at it before it gets dark.


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