31st May 2021

Namche Bazaar, A Sherpa Town in the Everest Region

Waking up above the clouds in the Himalayas is quite an enthralling experience. If you ever visit Namche Bazaar, you will encounter the feeling.

Namche Bazaar is the best tourist destination in route to majestic mountains like Mt. Everest in Sagarmatha National Park. “Bazaar” is a group of small shops. And, it’s the same here, the place is a market hub for trade in the Everest Region. It lies at an altitude of 3500 M. Most of the trekking and expeditions journey in the Everest district begins from the sherpa town. Therefore, Namche Bazaar is often referred to as a “Gateway to the Everest”.

An old-world trading hub in the Khumbu region is a buzzing tourist-loved site for climbing and trekking equipment, exotic traditional artisan works, and Tibetan artifacts. It serves as the central park for small markets, an information hub, several museums, stupas, and sherpa culture. Besides, stone streets, the Tibetan Buddhism community, and local handicrafts have exceptionally handled the authenticity of the place.

Namche Bazaar is densely populated by Sherpas. And, tourism is their mainstream business. Though a business might be their reason for sustenance, they are one of the most humble people ever. The essence is reflected in their behaviors, culture, lifestyle, and open-mindedness. This popular Sherpas-dominated place always welcomes “Guests as Gods” with gladsome hospitality on their cultural inheritance. The President of the USA, Jimmy Carter, and his wife Rosalynn explored Namche Bazaar, dropping by for five days in October 1985.

Namche Bazaar in Everest Region Nepal

Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar, Travelers Hub in Everest

The attractive town lies on the distinctive curvature mountain, keeping its ancient pride of culture. There is a popular Sherpa museum in the town. The museum has a corner for the “Hall of Fame” which safeguards the pictures of first-ever conquerors to Everest like Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary. Similarly, it also has the stories and pictures of other Sherpas who submitted their life to conquering Everest.

Besides the soul-filling humans and nature, this place has it all, wonderful bakeries, cyber cafes, shops, housing essential goods, pubs, pool houses. Once you visit Namche, definitely try homemade yak cheese and butter. You will love their taste.

The attractive town held a weekly Saturday market. And, taking part in the weekly market can instantly lighten your mood. Likewise, nearby village walks to Sherpa villages like Khunde, Syangboche, Khumjung will give insights into true mountain life. Most people also go on a Namche Bazaar trek to visit the extremely beautiful sherpa town in the lap of the Himalayas.

The Sherpa town is the focal point of Tibetan, Indian and Nepali traders since prehistoric times. Despite being a trade junction, Namche has gracefully preserved the flora and fauna of the area. The other interesting fact is Mountain Khumbila. The locals consider the peak as the “God of Khumbu”. Hence, the peak is also forbidden for expeditions.

Visitors trekking to the Everest Base Camp halt in Namche for acclimatization before immersing in true Himalayan lifestyles. Now, a popular tourist hub in Nepal, Namche Bazaar is where travelers do their last-minute shopping before leaving for the treks in the Everest region.


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