1st March 2021

How Pleasant Spring is for Trekking in Nepal?

The time when nature itself rejuvenates with beautiful blooming buds of flowers, green fresh leaves, Spring is one of the best seasons for trekking in Nepal. It is a season of new beginnings in between the extreme weathers; summer and winter. The moderate and welcoming temperature brings renewal to your cells, making you leap in joy with excitement and newness.

Spring is clearly the most loved season, which lies between March and June. Not only is it the rebirth of nature, but the delightful season also drives you to take steps for this new chapter of the journey and what can replace these temptations without being present physically in this incredible territory of Nepal.

Temperature, Precipitation, and weather in March- Mid June 

Precipitation is not much expected in spring however mild rainfall might occur that does not affect trekking routes. The precipitation level ranges from 20-55mm. The average temperature in Spring records almost 20 degrees that might differ as per the topological differences. You feel the mild warm temperature in lowlands and moderate temperature as you hike higher.

Choosing the Climate for traveling

Although the climate for traveling differs as per the purpose and routine of traveling. Choosing the best time might be challenging. Sometimes, the perfect season may not match your vacation timeframe. However, keeping yourself updated about what to expect in each trekking season in Nepal is vital.

Spring is the time of change. Trees that lost their leaves because of abscission grows back. The new delicate leaves, the sounds of birds chirping, newly born animals, Spring is so damn beautiful, so is Spring season trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Spring is clearly the most exciting transitional period when nature withdraws its curtain of flaws to offer its pure beauty right in front of you. Still not convinced about trekking in Nepal? If you are longing for travel, Nepal is your perfect landing place. Are you ready to explore the hidden Shangrila of nature?

What does Spring Season Trekking offer you?

Spring season, also known as “Basanta Ritu” in the Nepali language, is the best time for you to see a beautiful bunch of national flowers of Nepal-Rhododendron on either side of many trials accompanied by Buddhist prayer flags. The plus point about trekking in spring is that the days are longer than compared to the night, which uses your maximum time for exploring the trekking route.

Witness the best of the Himalayas while Trekking in Spring

The major trekking routes of Nepal welcome you with open arms. You get lots inside them. The major rare wildfires in Nepal, astonishing flora and fauna dance right in front of your eyes, the beautifully decorated birds dance in joy to celebrate this season, and all these are worth millions of dollars while in your visit to different treks in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Spring season trekking in Nepal showcases the best of the Himalayas. The transparent views of spring overrule the muddy and sweaty summer and cold and dangerous frosts during the journey in the trekking trails of Nepal. The animals and birds that hibernated because of freezing temperatures come out of their home.

Resonate yourself with Mother Nature

While you trek in Nepal from March to Mid June, fresh flowers blanket the hills and add a sweet fragrance to the trekking trails. Especially the blossoms of Rhododendron make the lower hills colorful, which is pleasing to the eyes. As you hike up to the Mardi Himal or go on a Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, you will notice the rare combination of Rhododendron flowers and the clear sky that offers wonderful views of the Himalayas. Doubtless, Spring is the best season to go on a trek in the Annapurna region.

best time for trekking in Nepal

Rhododendron Flowers

Distinct sounds of animals and birds, sweet fragrance of newly born flower buds, flattering of prayer flags, and the sound of local music that flows with the cool breeze will give you butterflies in your stomach. Planning trekking in Nepal during Spring? Make your throat clear to scream in joy, you are going to witness nature at its best.

Nepal has marvelous changes in climate and tremendous variations in geographical structure. Nepal is one of the blessed countries for its naturally beautifully crafted terrains that keeps the trekkers linger over Nepal. Attractive trekking terrains, budget-friendly, government aspects, clarity of natural scenic beauty, suitability to beginners to pro trekkers, etc. are the things that must be considered for alluring a lot of tourists longing for trekking in Nepal.

Among these, safety is the topmost priority for everyone’s since only living can create opportunities to make full of life. From this point of view as well, Fall and Spring are the two most favorable seasons for trekking to Nepal.



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