4th November 2021

Best Things To Do In Pokhara

Pokhara is a tourist city with spellbinding landscapes in the stunning backdrop of snow-clad mountains in Nepal. If you think of this city as your holiday destination, then there are countless things to do in Pokhara.

The City of lakes has many beautiful places to visit such as Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, World Peace Pagoda, Mountaineering Museums, Popular Caves, and Temples. Some other famous places to visit in Pokhara would be Begnas lake, David’s fall, Pumdikot View Tower, and many more. Undoubtedly, Pokhara is the best site for travel enthusiasts willing to experience, nature, luxury, people, and an enriching cultural outlook.

It is the second-largest city in Nepal and is famous for domestic and international tourists. Plus, Pokhara is the dream destination entitled a “Jewel of the Himalayan”. Catch up on the top experiences in the best places in Pokhara.

Top 11 Best Things To Do While You Visit Pokhara

Bask in the sunshine with natural artistry beauty in Sarangkot

The admirers of sunrise and sunset points witness the immortal memories. As soon as the rays of the yellow sun touch the crystalline mountain giants, the environment sets to romance. The land of incredible natural beauty offers its plethora of bliss around early in the dawn (6:00 am to 7:00 am).

Pokhara City Day Tour

Night view of Pokhara City

One such amazing place to enjoy this orange hue in Pokhara would be Sarangkot. It is a mesmerizing village on the western side of the city. The hillock is 10.4 Km away from the central city. Two hours walk up the staircase will take you into the village. Else, you can drive there via Pokhara- Baglung Highway that takes about half an hour. Upon reaching the top, you see a tower. From there, you get to spot the towering mountains such as Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and Annapurna. The morning and evening rays of sun peeking through the majestic mountains will give you a fresh feeling. Further, the sunrise and sunset tour to Sarangkot is one of the best things to do in the Pokhara. It is a complete package with an unrestricted view of the true Himalayan Kingdom and its people.

Set out a tour to the best religious and historic sites to visit in Pokhara

Nepal has massive faith-holding populations. Pokhara is one of the pious landmarks of Hindus and Buddhists. Nestled amid the mountain, Pokhara valley has been the center of religious attraction for tourists. The time-honored buildings, parks, monuments, historical sites, and museums help to witness the glorious history. Here, the Gurkha regiment museum was built in honor of the spirit of Gurkhas for their military prowess. The local villages also inhabit the family of many Gurkha armies through ages. One can buy souvenirs, objects, and other fascinating weapons displaying the rich history of Victoria Cross medal awardees in the city.

Further, a pagoda-style Tal-Barahi temple rests in the middle of the spectacular Phewa Lake. It offers scenery of an island in the center of the lake. Similarly, Gupteshwar Gufa, Bhimsen Temple, Kedareshwar Mahadev, Mani Temple, Akaladevi Temple, Matepani Gumba, etc, are some of the famous temples to visit in Pokhara. Besides, the noteworthy caves are Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, and Gupteshwor Cave. Also, the International Mountain Museum lies in the city’s south. It is a beautiful museum exhibiting the history of mountaineering. So, if you visit the city, you have many choices of religious and historic things to do in Pokhara. If you have an extra day in Pokhara, book a Pokhara city tour and explore the area.

Mountain climbing and Hiking Backpacker Paradise

Pokhara is the gateway to popular trekking areas in Nepal. The spectacular view of the triangular peaks fascinates to take you into higher thin air. For commercial trekking routes in Nepal, Rugged Trails in Pokhara can be flexible options. The beautiful adventure town offers trekking routes like Ghandruk Village, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Mardi Himal Trekking, and Annapurna Panorama hike.

The attraction of hiking and mountain climbing would give a lavish insight into history, lives, culture, and religion. Pokhara, a lakeside town, is popular for attracting nature-loving explorers. Hiking and mountain climbing give a world-class experience with an array of natural beauty touring opportunities. If you are in Pokhara and have some extra days, then hiking in the Annapurna region can be the best thing to do.

Buy authentic handicrafts, handlooms, and artifacts

On the lap of the Himalayas, local artistry has always been part of life. The Nepalese artisans are skilled, qualified, and have creative expertise. The world has applauded openly regarding budget-friendly handicrafts and carvings. Hence, if you visit Pokhara, it is recommended to get a glimpse of the Nepalese lifestyle.

Handicrafts from Pokhara

A painted stone

One of such amazing accessories, a Nepalese attire of men, would be a ‘Dhaka Topi’, a symbol of pride. It is a local cap that is a part of the national costume. Men put on Dhaka Topi during festivals, important events, and national representation. Other appearances include handkerchiefs, table mats, decorative hand-woven, shawls, and blouses made of Dhaka. Another popular brand would be Pashmina that makes hand-weaved scarves and sweaters. Likewise, you can also see items that are of daily use like decorative slippers, yak bone jewelry, beads, floor mats, etc. One of the traditional practices is the recycling of waste paper. The waste papers are used to make ‘Nepali paper’ using a cumbersome technique. Its specialty is being eco-friendly and preserving ink writing for a longer period.

Hence, when you wander around the streets in Pokhara, buy these traditional and handmade crafts. This way, you support the locals and also hold uniquely made items you can take your home as a memory.

Spiritual Retreat, One of the Best Things to Do In Pokhara

Who wouldn’t be driven with a thought that soaring snow-capped peaks, emerald valleys, and blue lakes would meet the soul? However, there are many spiritual sanctuary areas to enhance the living vitality and abundance of experience in this picturesque lakeside. The Pokhara metropolis has been an ideal place for yogas and meditation for a long time now. Experts and spiritual masters would do the Ayurvedic massages, soul healing, and mindfulness enhancement.

As soon as one advances to an adventurous journey and even after returning from a tiresome journey, trip detox is essential. As a connecting thread between nature and humans, Pokhara is an excellent place for self-realization and finding out the hidden potential. It will let the positive aura and thinning circulate in your journey amidst the hecticness of a busy lifestyle. The spirituality rituals are more emphasized on the ancient art of Vedic philosophies, Buddhism, and old Yogis. It is also one of the top things to do in Pokhara.

Besides, the blend of art, music, and technique is harmoniously suited, which makes it a ‘fairy-tale bliss’. It doesn’t matter whatever level of spirituality you follow (beginner, intermediate or advanced), one always has a perfect place in Pokhara. Henceforth, Pokhara is the best place for the spiritual retreat.

Savor a variety of Cuisine

This beautiful lake city, Pokhara, serves an explosion of a variety of flavors and popular Nepalese dishes. There is always a tincture of geographical and cultural diversity among the tastes of the foods. Soil and climatic conditions largely influence these varied cuisine-taking habits. The cuisine variety ranges from local Pokhara dishes, ethnic special dishes, typical Nepali foods, and special religion’s food.

A plate of Newari Khaja- Nepalese food

Newari Khaja Set

While you are in Pokhara, you can get many foods ranging from typical southern Nepal food (popularly known as Terai cuisine), native population-based dishes like KHAS cuisine, Limbu cuisine, Himalayan cuisine, Tibetan-influenced cuisine, Thakali cuisine to Lohorug cuisine. The specialty of these foods not only depicts the lifestyle of people but also the fondness of food in the past. Many foods are special and mandatory for religious and cultural performances. This approach might be a reason to preserve age-old recipes. As you stroll around the restaurants and stalls, you will experience unique spices, herbs, and flavors. These amazing cuisines will convince you to say that Pokhara is not only a ‘nature’s paradise’ but also a ‘food paradise’. Henceforth, tasting local dishes is also one of the best things you get to do in Pokhara.

Boat Trip on Beautiful Lakes in Pokhara

It’s not a surprise to anyone that Pokhara is one of the flourishing areas for water tourism. Any vacation requires a sail on pristine water channels. Boating in Pokhara is certainly one of the top things to do. Boating would provide an experience of floating in the thick of ravishing green scenery and quaint villages. However, Fewa lake/Phewa lake is the most beloved boating destination for outdoor lovers. The lake is one of the most popular places to visit in Pokhara.

Phewa Lake has not only gained its name of being amazing water-based activities outdoors but also for its faith in the temple situated right in the middle. The different bright-hued boats on the lakeside are oysters to the eyes in semi-natural water. While the boat trip is famous for taking it to the temple, you can also sail around the lake yourself. Don’t forget to get a closer panoramic view of mountain giants such as Machhapuchhre, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri. As soon as you finish the 4.43 km2 of the boat trip, the northern shore excites the best tourist area, popularly known as ‘lakeside’. Treat yourself to the restaurants, lodges, and hotels catering best service experience. Therefore, Phewa Lakeside is one of the must-visit places in Pokhara.

Pokhara-Phewa Lake

Boats in Phewa Lake

World Peace Pagoda, A Popular Place to Visit in Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda is one of the eighty world peace pagodas of the world and is on Ananda Hill in Pokhara. The pagoda architecture is based on a Buddhist architecture that adds soothing nature. These pagodas symbolize unity in humanity and aspirations towards peace.

A Japanese Buddhist monk named Nichidatsu Fujii built the World Peace Pagoda of Pokhara. Its side faces the Sarangkot hilltop, Phewa Lake, and the majestic mountains. So, this 115 feet tall pilgrimage site is also an amazing place for sunshine and sunset viewpoints.

The height of the monument also visualizes the crane sanctuary next to it. While visiting this famous shrine in Pokhara, you can also get exposure to the protected natural habitat of Sarus cranes.

After its public visiting permission in 1999, the world peace pagoda has been a tourist attraction destination for hikers and spiritual people. In the west of Pokhara, the Pagoda is one of the famous places to visit while you are in Pokhara. An hour hike or the 15 minutes ride will take you to the famous Buddhist Pagoda in Pokhara.

Pumdikot View Tower and Colossal Statue of Lord Shiva in Pokhara

Pumdikot View Tower is a new destination that you can consider traveling to while you are in Pokhara. The three-storeyed view tower offers a superb view of Pokhara valley and the mountains in the Annapurna range. Similarly, the views of Phewa Lake, Lekhnath, Sarangkot, Pame, World Peace Stupa, and some parts of Syangja, Parbat, and Tanahun districts are rapturous to watch. Further, there’s also a theme park and an enormous dome on top of which rests a  50 ft high colossal statue of Lord Shiva.

The Pumdikot View Tower lies in the Pumdi- Bhumdi VDC and is a 45 – minute hike uphill from the Peace Pagoda. Pumdikot hike is a short hike nearby Pokhara with an untouched trail that gives pure natural vibes. While you hike, you see the great Machhapuchhre on your right and the beautiful Phewa Lake on your left. Further, the naked hill just below the View Tower offers a superb view of Pokhara city.

If you are in Pokhara, don’t forget to visit the new tourist destination of Pokhara, the Pumdikot View Tower.

Thrilling Adventure Sports, the Best Experiences in Pokhara

Pokhara is a great place for starters of adrenaline oozing out from adventure books. It is an ideal valley to seek life thrills ranging from multi-day hikes, camping, and Nightfire. Pokhara comes as a doorway from boring, normal life to something bringing more passion for living.

The turbulent rapids of the Seti River attract rafting on the Annapurna mountain range scenic view. The mountain passes, glaciers, ravines to Annapurna Base Camp Trek would add some bumpy ride in adventure. While you are nurturing budding adventurers inside, Bungee jumping would take that leap. Another thing that makes the adventure diary in Pokhara more fascinating would be para-gliding from Sarangkot.

Not to forget, to ink the zip flying, ultralight flying, skydiving, and kayaking experiences in the adventure book of Pokhara. Hence, adventure sports are the best things that you can experience in Pokhara.

Experience Village Life in the Outskirts of Pokhara

In Pokhara, an elevated landmark charges healing mountainous inhabiting valleys. The rural grounds of ethnic people provide a look back on the chance to unwind the hectic life. Ethnic villages like Ghandruk, Hille, Lumle, and Panchase welcome with open arms. The home-cooked dishes, streams, music, dance, and lifestyle are beautiful countryside experiences of these local and ethnic people. These social experiences highlight their religion and customs.

Ghandruk Village

Ghandruk Village

Many parts of the villages are not commercialized. The homestay is the authentic representation of human emotions. Apart from that, many religious sites for Hindus and Buddhists add beauty to the religious tolerance among people. The rich cultural heritages are the finest option for the visitors to get a sneak in typical Nepali villages.

Although the marketplace is not sophisticated, the ancient market spots deliver organic foods, handlooms, ethnic souvenirs, and metal crafts. So, if you want to experience a typical village trekking in Nepal, the Ghandruk Village, Panchase, etc will give you the best experiences in Pokhara.

At the End

Celebrating adventure, religious faith, cultural diversity, hilltops blended individually to modern infrastructures, and sophistication is a spellbinding match in Pokhara. And one can wonder why. Although many places have countless of best experiences in Pokhara, some of the best things you can do are adventure sports, watching sunrise and sunset, visiting lakes, trekking, village hikes, touring around caves, David falls, and a relaxed luxury stay.

When you are visiting the city, there is always a dilemma whether to choose a beautiful view, cozy place, cultural appropriation, or luxury. Further, if you have less time and expect everything at a place, then Pokhara is one of the must-visit destinations in Nepal.


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