16th June 2021

Ghandruk, Nepal : A Sneak Peek into Gurung Lifestyle

Ghandruk, Nepal is a famous tourist destination in the Kaski District, considered as the gateway to different trek circuits of the Annapurna region. The village, rich in its unique culture, rural lifestyle, and delicious local food, promotes rural tourism with local resources.

Ghandruk, Nepal is at an altitude of 1950 m above sea level in the northwest of Pokhara. With incredible hospitality, breathtaking views of glittering mountains, distinctive culture, it is a beautiful place to visit near Pokhara. The distance between Pokhara and Ghandruk is 32.2 km and you can reach the Gurung Village within six-seven hours of a hike from Nayapul, Kaski. And, if you have visited Nepal but haven’t been to this cultural village then, you missed a fun part of your Nepal vacation.

Visiting Ghandruk, Northwest of Pokhara City

You can visit Nepal’s Ghandruk village with almost all treks in the Annapurna region. Apart from that, a short family hike in the Annapurna takes you to the area. During the trek, you see beautiful landscapes, streams, waterfall, and rhododendron forests that melt your heart. The hills get covered with rhododendron flowers in April and May, which add extra beauty to the hills.

Once you step into the village, the spectacular view of majestic mountains astonishes you. You see different icy peaks like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchre, Mt. Gangapurna, and Mt. Hiunchuli from the village. The silver-shining Himalayas provide great delight and joy to the heart. Likewise, the slate-roofed houses, beautiful monasteries, and a neat cultural environment make you forget the chaotic lifestyles of cities.

Gurung Village in Ghandruk Nepal

Stone-roofed houses in Ghandruk Nepal

Ghandruk, Nepal is majorly occupied by Gurung’s who run several homestays in the village. They provide warm hospitality with good local Nepalese food. Besides, the unique culture and practices you see will make the journey interesting. There is an old Gurung museum in Ghandruk that displays their cultures, traditions, and practices.

Further, the locals also practice honey hunting, which is very rare and amazing to watch. Their traditional methods of harvesting honey on cliffs have remained unchanged for generations. If you visit during the months of honey harvesting (April/May, October/November) you can witness honey hunting in Nepal. Oddly enough, it might be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness honey hunting in Ghandruk. Overall, Ghandruk makes one of the best destinations for village treks in Nepal.

Old Gurung Museum in Ghandruk Nepal

There’s an old Gurung museum in Ghandruk Nepal. The museum is a collection of past and present homemade equipment, dresses, cooking utensils, bamboo crafts, and many more. The museum building is a traditionally designed wooden Gurung house. Once you enter the gallery, you see a series of bamboo crafts that were used as daily life tools. The crafts have their name and a description written in English at the bottom of everything in the museum.

The grain baskets, mice traps, instruments, wooden utensils such as Theki (a container for storing Curd) will make you believe the locals have good crafting skills in their hands. From coats to the chicken house, you get to see everything locals used in the past. Likewise, there’s a display of the collection of shining brass utensils such as plates, bowls, and cups, which were used to serve food in the past. Similarly, you can also see the shiny women’s bracelets, hats, traditional Gurung outers, and other dresses that are at a display in the museum. Interestingly, travelers can ask to wear the Gurung dresses and click photographs in the traditional attire. These unique ornaments and items of clothing make Gurung people stand out from the rest of the ethnic groups in Nepal.

Gateway to different trek around Annapurna Region

Ghandruk, northwest of Pokhara city, is a gateway to several other trekking routes in the Annapurna circuit. You can trek to Ghorepani Poonhill which is a viewpoint for amazing mountain views. Also, from poon hill, you get to capture the best sunrise and sunset moments in the world. Not only the Poonhill trek, but you can also trek to Annapurna base camp through the village.

To make your journey unforgettable, the village offers everything a traveler wants. One can enjoy the perfect blend of culture and natural beauty in Ghandruk, Nepal. Besides, Ghandruk is also one of the suitable hiking places in Nepal for beginners. Overall, Ghandruk trekking is a short yet adventurous trek with beautiful sceneries of mountains, hills, rivers, and forests, along with the taste of local culture and traditions.

Caution: Once you visit Ghandruk Nepal, you may not want to return to your hometown. 


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