9th July 2021

Top 10 Nepal Travel Tips

Knowing all the do’s and don’ts is the first tip to travel. If you planning to visit Nepal, then make sure you read these top Nepal travel tips before beginning your vacation.

Nepal is a unique country in its own way, be it its culture, the people, the topography, the language, and so on. Either you are traveling with your family, baby, solo, or with your friends, understanding the major holiday tips is the best decision before traveling to Nepal. This projects an extra dimension to vacation when you are prepared for the trip.

Nepal is a country away from the chaos of a complicated lifestyle. It is a true symbol of beauty in simplicity. A country that follows ancient science and art in superior faith. The landscapes, the cultural heritages, the rarest flora and fauna, the land of ancient scholars and the enlightened ones, make this country irresistibly wholesome. So, the Nepal trip reminds you of all the things beyond life, living in paradise on the earth. Here the Nepal tour tips below will give you an entire idea of things you should do to make your journey successful in this beautiful nation.

Being in a breathtakingly beautiful place has a very interesting way of making you think and feel differently. Then why miss this maximum lifetime experience in Nepal just because you had a less idea about the travel tips prior? To travel is to live, not to worry. So, read our top Nepal travel tips from the local travel experts.

Knowledge of Passport and Nepalese Tourist Visa

The first Nepal vacation tip is you have to know about Nepal visas. Passports and visas are probably the most essential thing before traveling to any country in the world. A maximum number of nationalities receive a Nepalese tourist visa on arrival, while some have to apply before their landing in the Tribhuvan International Airport.

Be careful in understanding the visa process in Nepal to avoid the wrong circumstances. However, it is a simple process too. Within 15 days of your arrival date, you are eligible to apply for an online tourist visa since 2014. Nepal and India share an open border that is why Indians don’t require any kind of visa to pay a visit to Nepal. A US Dollar is preferred to pay the cash for visa fee, but you can also use other standard international currency for the payment. People belonging to the nationalities like Afghanistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria, Switzerland, and Palestinian Territories cannot receive a visa on-arrival. Further, you can extend your visa at the Immigration Department in Kathmandu or Pokhara for 150 days at maximum. For citizens of SAARC countries, you can visit Nepal for free for the first thirty days.

Tip: Your passport should be valid for six months at a minimum before applying for Nepal Visa.

Always carry copies of your passport and your permits while traveling

If you are traveling in Nepal, always carry Visa, passport, and permits wherever you go. If you are trekking, you need a permit from the tourism board which you need to show in the different trekking trails in the Himalayas.

Either police or any responsible staff can ask you to show your passport, visa, and permits anywhere inside Nepal. Not being able to show means you invite problems to your journey. So, while you are in traveling anywhere in Nepal, don’t forget to carry copies of your passport, visa, and permits of the respective areas.

Tip: Carry a soft copy of your passport, paper visa, and permits on your mobile phone. 

Nepali Contact

Though people are friendly, some cunning people might unavoidably approach you. Language barriers, complicated systems, similar area dilemmas, etc. are normal situations that arise while traveling. To avoid such difficult circumstances, you are likely to choose appropriate and trustworthy local agencies rather than international agencies. Here are the reasons you should hire travel agents in Nepal.

Avoid Solo Treks in the High Altitudes

One of the most important trekking tips for Nepal is to avoid solo treks in high mountains. The locations and landscapes can be tricky. Likewise, the weather and environment in the high Himalayas are unpredictable sometimes. Trekkers might suffer from altitude sickness because of less oxygen in the air and not knowing to cope up will risk life. So, one of the best travel safety tips for Nepal is to have someone with you while you trek in the high altitudes.

Solo Travel Safety Tips: Carry Local Maps, Note down the contact number of Police and Tourist Centres and tourists rescue team which comes in handy in case of emergencies. 

Learn Basic Nepali Words for some common terms

English is a widely spoken international language. But English is a secondary language for Nepalese and Nepali themselves can be a secondary language If possible, try learning some of the most used Nepali words. Some most important Nepali terms are “Paani” for “water”, “Yo baato kata jaanchha” for “Where does this road go?”, “Khana, Khaja” for “food”, “Namaste” for Greetings, and “Paisa” for “Money”.

People speak various local languages, for that reason also the best thing is hiring trusted contacts of Nepali people. Nepali itself can be a secondary language to ethnicities with different mother tongues. Also, for that reason, the best thing is hiring trusted contacts of Nepali people.

Language Travel Tip: “Namaste” 🙏 is a national greeting, say it when you meet people. 

Sim Card, Electricity, and Internet Availability

Avoiding boring roaming data packages overseas and high roaming charges is just a dollar away. Get a Nepalese SIM Card which you can get at the Airport itself. Popular SIM Card providers are Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smart Cell. This helps you to contact your Nepali contacts easily, making your travel more convenient. And a 4G connection access through that SIM card is a bonus. Buying a local SIM card is always a better choice for communicating in a new country.

According to data from 2019 on World Bank, 89.9% have access to electricity. Nepal is one of the highest hydroelectricity-producing countries in the world. You need not worry about electricity accessibility unless you are on the remotest travel in the country. However, do not forget to carry power banks because sometimes electricity cuts off suddenly due to rain and other obstacles.

Pro Nepal Travel Tip: Always carry a universal adaptor 🔌 when you are traveling to Nepal

Budget Tips for your Nepal Travel

According to the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index by the World Economic Forum, Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world. Most of Nepal’s population is still rural. Many online payment systems like Paypal are not common in Nepal.

In addition, ATM cards and Visa services cards can be the worst option if you’re traveling to villages. It’s better to carry cash when you travel to Nepal. If you are afraid of pick-pocketing, then it’s not much danger in Nepal and those are rare cases. You can exchange enough cash in a money exchange before venturing for travel. Before going out for a vacation, always remember to plan a budget expenditure and not forget to carry an extra budget.

Top Nepal Trip Tips: Carry some amount of Nepalese currency in cash because some places still do not have card swipe machines.

20 Rupee Nepalese currency

20 Rupee Nepalese currency | Photo – IG: Nepalese Currency

Nepal Travel Tips for Packing Equipments & Gears: 

Traveling can be a thrilling experience in Nepal. While many find it exciting, many of you might have difficulty packing. Make sure you pack all the essentials you need as per the Nepal packing list. Don’t pack too uncomfortable and revealing clothes in all parts of the nation. Here are some essentials you need to try on:-

  • Rain jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Socks
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Lightweight hiking shoes
  • Shorts
  • Trekking pants
  • T-shirts
  • Long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Fleece
  • Cash
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Head torch

Nepal Travel Gear Tips: You can buy or rent every necessity in the streets of Kathmandu. So, don’t worry about looking for those in your home country. Besides, carry water purifier tablets with you while traveling to villages and rural areas.

Traveling with your dog tip: If you are traveling in Nepal with your dog, do remember to carry enough pet supplies as you may not find them in the trails. Please remember dog foods are not easily available in the trails except in major cities. 

Travel Insurance:

Even in this modern era, if you are traveling with no kind of travel insurance, then you are traveling at high risk. It is equally important as checking your passport, understanding travel policies, backpacking, and better accommodation facilities to avoid the worst scenarios. Traveling in a new country comes with a lot of insecurities like natural calamities, lockdown(in the present), or other man-made chaos. Insurance helps you in enjoying the best of travel. The medical coverage, compensations on difficult situations, robbery, and potential issues can be life saviors.

Best Nepal Trekking Tip for Beginners: If you are trekking above 2,000 m, then always buy travel insurance that includes emergency helicopter rescue in its scheme. 

Create a first draft of planning a vacation and time frame: 

Traveling is an excellent opportunity to be overwhelmed with enthusiasm or home-sickness. Sticking to the plan is very necessary. For this time-management skill is of great importance. As you plan a schedule before the date, you are likely to accomplish more things. If you underestimate the time frame, you are likely to miss out on many things you should have definitely experienced while in Nepal. As you travel keeping this in mind, then, you are likely to be more productive and reduce panicking during your vacation in Nepal.

Essential Nepal Vacation Tip: Always leave one or two extra days on your itinerary as there are transport and flight delays in Nepal because of unpredicted weather and accidents. Lukla flights are the most uncertain flights in Nepal.

Carry major essentials: First Aid, Maps, and More

One of the most important Nepal travel tips is always to carry essentials like maps, compasses, and first-aid kits. Many regions of Nepal or amidst the dense forest trekking route help you understand the area better when internet connection and connection are unavailable. In these areas, travel essentials like Maps, Compass, Altitude Meters, First Aid involve efficiency, safety, and independent life skills for the traveler. Travel safety is a necessary concern involved in travel. While medical care assessment can challenge you enough in the middle of nowhere in an emergency, we advise you to carry medication and first-aid equipment.

First Aid Kit list for your vacation in Nepal:

Carrying a first aid box with you while traveling helps you cure minor causalities and prevents infections in wounds. Some things you should in your First Aid box are:

  • Antiseptic wipes,
  • Antibacterial cream
  • Hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds
  • Assorted bandages
  • Gauze pads in necessary sizes,
  • Medical tapes
  • Moleskin or another type of blister medications
  • Ibuprofen (or other painkillers)
  • Insect sting treatment
  • Antihistamine for allergies
  • Non-stick pads
  • Butterfly bandages
  • Tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Latex Condoms
  • Multitool

Further, if you are not familiar with the use of the above medicines, you can also carry first aid cards that include instructions on how to use the items. To help you further, here’s a travel health kit by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

a man putting adhesive tape in the knee- Nepal travel tips

A man putting the adhesive tape in the knee

Don’t distribute money or chocolates to either beggars or children in the trial

One of the important things to know about Nepal Vacations tips is don’t give money or food to beggars and children. You can see a fair share of beggars along with the temples, major streets, and park areas. Crowding and over-tourism while distributing items can disrupt the locals. If you will show some kindness, then serve the food yourself. Else, the distribution of sweets, gifts, and money to street kids can trouble you afterward. Many children are working as child laborers or they have learned very notorious activities out of the evil company. They try dominating you, clinging to your arm, misbehaving with you, and even physically harassing you. To many tourists, tourists are their scapegoats to receive money with emotional victim play.

Promoting such activities of compromised travel experience, begging and child labor should be strictly kept in check. Also, giving chocolates to innocent children increases their greed and they ask for others, too. Likewise, the money you give two children might be used by them to buy drugs.

Pro Tip: If you want to donate to Nepalese, either give it to a family or some NGO’s and travel agency you travel with. 

Avoid habits uncommon to locals

Nepal is a country with its own unique identity and social etiquette. Many common things in the world might be completely disgusting for Nepalese people. So, knowing about some of the things that you should do and not do is makes your trips more successful.

Things not to do during your Nepal Visit

  • Disrespecting their gods and deities
  • Kissing or suspicious hugging between opposite genders,
  • Wearing too revealing clothes by both men and women
  • Offending local culture
  • Disrespecting natural resources,
  • Mocking and laughing at someone’s status
  • Some visitors have a habit of picking up things that interest them from the community or trails like valuable stones, herbs, and other resources. Do not do this.

Nepal Travel Tips to follow in the trails

  • Use respectful greetings from the locals.
  • Remove shoes before entering houses and religious sites.
  • Use your right hand for social functions as far as possible, like eating, hand-shaking, etc.
  • Throw wastes only in the dustbins.
  • Reduce the daily use of plastics.
  • Maximumly use reusable items like water bottles, toothbrushes, straw, and other personal items.
  • Always stay on the path and don’t enter other’s property without permission.
  • Don’t disturb animals you see on the trails.
  • Help protect the environment without harming flora and faunas.

These were the tips to follow to make your Nepal trip more fascinating. Also, read essential travel preparation to make your Nepal holiday special and more fun. Moreover, before you leave Nepal do not forget to try outstanding Nepali dishes, i.e. Momo.

Wishing you a wonderful trip to Nepal.

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Top 10 Nepal Travel Tips


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